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Summerview German Shepherds has consistently strived to perfect the best in the German Shepherd breed in temperament, and it has shown through out our existence in producing some of the best tempered German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd puppies.  Standing behind that, we like to provide our new extended families information about the German Shepherd breed.  As reputable German Shepherd breeders, we continuously are looking to provide updated, reliable, and most importantly, truly informative information regarding our German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd puppies.

Thank you for stopping by our website, and reviewing our German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd puppies, and our German Shepherd extended families.   If you have any questions, concerns please feel free to inquire about our German Shepherd dogs, German Shepherd puppies.   Our philosophy, is our mission statement here at Summerview German Shepherds.

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Our Web Designer has been very busy, and has released a NEW Summerview German Shepherd photo gallery that is phone, table, and PC friendly AND BEAUTIFUL.  If you have photos of a Summerview German Shepherd dog, or German Shepherd puppy please send it to us to post in the gallery!   Please be sure you give us permission to display it.   Our web designer is a professional photographer and will "clean it up" for the new Summerview German Shepherd photo gallery.

What else is new?  Well just about everything !!!!  New About US section information!  New German Shepherd Males Section !  New German Shepherd Females Section !  New German Shepherd Puppies Section !  New Planned Litter page !  New German Shepherd Resources Section !   We will have a new HEALTH section soon!   So please check back soon!!!

Our Philosophy :: Our view of the German Shepherd Dog

Producing maybe 2-3 GSD German Shepherd litters a year, and home raising the German Shepherd puppies, rather then in a kennel environment would hopefully strengthen the German Shepherd's breed standards in ensuring better socialized German Shepherd dogs. This philosophy is reflected in their German Shepherd puppies, as they are very loving, caring, and well behaved dogs. Summerview's Rita and Jim Robinson are active members in the C.K.C., as reputable, reliable, and passionate German Shepherd breeders in Ontario Canada.

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Summerview German Shepherds
13311 Sixth Line Nassagaweya, ON L7J 2L7
Email summerviewgs@hotmail.com
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Any comments or suggestions on how to improve our contents for the GSD community are welcome!


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