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The testimonials below reflect only some of our clients who have chosen to write to us about how we performed in helping you with your companion. These are candid comments. They express both satisfaction in our performance and the facilities we use, and that’s a good thing. Summerview German Shepherds is a different approach to breeding and socializing German Shepherds and we need honest, direct responses in order to get better. Thank you all, and we are proud of our companions and the new homes, people, and places they enrich the lives of.

German Shepherd Kepler

Hey Rita! Today is Kepler’s 9th birthday! I thought I’d send you guys a photo to show you how beautiful she still is. I know I’m bias, but she really is the greatest dog in the world. ❤️

Miranda and Nicole


She was born on a very special day – (Nov 21st, our dad’s birthday) – Truly a Gift Sent from Heaven.  We feel blessed beyond words and a big THANK YOU goes out to Rita & Jim for their loving care and breeding such calm and gentle loving pups and giving these pups such a beautiful start in life.

Molly lives in Brantford, ON and four years have gone by & each day brings much happiness & joy. (She is a perfect fit in our family).  She has a way of sneaking up for a snuggle & bringing a smile to your face.  Ever since she came home, she loves to drop at your feet like a feline to greet you. She has grown into a beautiful 80lb well-mannered girl. She is not a barker, but will let you know when a stranger is around.  She is so aware of her surroundings and knows right from wrong and yes from no.  Countless times while out for a walk I have had people pull over to tell me how beautiful and obedient she is. She makes me proud, and has had much training, both in school and private. She is truly my shadow and never leaves my side or anyone else in the family. She is so very loyal to her people.  She loves food and treats and if you let her, she could become a “food thief”.

Just say the word hose and look out!  Miss Molly’s favourite playtime is being sprayed with the garden hose in the summer & digging out all the water in her swimming pool, waiting for a refill.  (We call her our little bear cub).  She also loves chasing squirrels & birds, playing ball, car rides & walks & just hanging out on her cot outside.  I still remember the day I picked her up from doggie daycare and the owner was soaked.  She said, does the word “hose” mean anything.  Yup!!!

In summary, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MOLLY– she just wants to love and be loved in return.  Having her greet you at the side door with those big puppy dog eyes makes any bad day a good day!

Thank you, again, Jim & Rita for giving us Molly.


German Shepherd Molly Brown
German Shepherd Molly Brown
German Shepherd, London

Thank you again so much to you and Jim for suggesting and giving us the puppy he has been such a best friend to Lobo and is well loved by everyone in our family including kitty !

Ranger (who is called Rangie) has been a complete joy to our entire household the boys adore him and he is truly pure happiness – Lobo is still very much my boy but he loves ranger and The two of them jump up into a netted trampoline we have in our backyard and they wrestle and play it is so funny so especially during this time when we’re all locked in and no dog walks he has been a great blessing to everyone.

He had his surgery to fix his hernia when he had his neutering and everything was fine – we did it a bit early because of all the lockdowns in Toronto – and wanted to make sure we were all home here with him while he recovered. Rob and I have been exclusively working from home so it’s great we are all together every day.

Last thing I have to tell you is the shepherds are so so polite – if I sleep in some morning and Rob shuts my door they will sit quietly outside it but never bark never paw – they are never difficult – they are truly truly awesome-The boys always say how polite they are it’s really cute.

Jacqueline and Rob

German Shepherd, London

Wanted to share couple of pics of Kaiser who we got from you in 2009.  Kaiser is 11yr old now.


German Shepherd, London

We think of you often as we look at our beauty Riley. She will be 2 on December 11th and I wish we could have 5 of her. She is beautiful, she is so smart, so loyal, so fun, so rewarding, the best of companions and great with our grandchildren.

We enrolled her in a wonderful dog training program for socializing and different skills and she is doing beautifully. I took this pic on a walk after class when walking with a friend … just a cute little bush that accents our precious girl.

We are so glad to have found you.

Bev and Murray and Riley

German Shepherd Riley

Chianti Redington son of nitro and star was born 11-21-16 . Chianti originally lived in Brantford Ontario and now resides in Pflugerville Texas as an only child with his bachelor father. He lives in a four bedroom home in the country and is known as the Prince of Tarpan trail. Chianti is a wonderful friend. I relocated to this area 2 years ago and I didn’t know anyone but I’m now very well known because I have the most handsome gsd and I am proud to say that I trained Chianti myself both on hand signs and verbal. In Texas friends like Chianti are welcome in most stores and his favorite shopping trip is to home depot. Rita and Jim I want to thank you as Chianti is my entire life. I worry because I’m 73 and he will only be 4 this November. However, I have set aside money for his future care. By the way he has supper at his feeding station but always has breakfast in bed. Best regards to both of you. Nitro and Star should be very proud of their son.


German Shepherd, London

Everything is perfect with Titan. He is the best companion and behaves very well. Smart, sweet boy.

Love him beyond words. Easy to train and we are more than pleased with him. Titan looks very much like Summer and Nitro.



My family got a pup from you 5 years ago. We named him Ryker.

It has been some time and I don’t know if Jodi has contacted you but I thought that I would say hello and let you know Ryker just had his 5th birthday yesterday. He is a healthy, happy and good dog. Last we checked in November, he was 87lbs. Never an issue at all with his health. He has a sister who keeps him active. Her name is Destiny and she is a mixed breed….4 types in her.

Well I hope that both of you are doing well and all the dogs too.


German Shepherd Dog - Shadow
German Shepherd, London

We hope this message finds you and you family well and you are looking forward to the Holidays? 

Happy 1st Birthday to your Dec 11th beauties and our beautiful Riley. She is a wonderful active, sweet, loving, loyal, crazy, smart and caring girl. Thank you so much❤️

She has slept beside our bed from day one which is priceless. 

Please excuse the red wheelbarrow in the background of today’s pic, it just covers a big hole, one of many as she continues to excavate the backyard!!! She loves the entire backseat of her new car as well! So proud. Notice her distinct brown mark on her nose, great trademark.

Bev and Murray

We just wanted to update you on Shiloh’s progress. 

At 7 months she is maturing, super active and also feeling more independent. She gets a lot of compliments when she is out and about town. Many people stop us just to meet her. 

Since we had shared our concerns with you about her slow weight gain a few months ago, we are pleased to report that she is filling in nicely and she now weighs about 52 lbs. (we switched her to a dog food with grains to give her more carbs)

Shiloh has successfully completed three classes at Paws n’ Train: puppy socialization, and puppy manners 1 & 2. She is a fast learner and really enjoys the classes. 

She runs like the wind and loves fetching tennis balls and will play endlessly. She also likes to sneak logs from our wood pile and carries them all over our property for some strange reason! We are hoping she will save us some work and consider carrying our firewood into the house this winter. ?   

Shiloh loves going for car rides  She also loves visits with our 2 grandchildren (3 years old and baby 6 months)  She is pretty perceptive about the baby and is quite gentle. But she enjoys a good romp with our 3 year old and likes to play with him. 

Thank you again for breeding such calm, beautiful, sociable straight back German Shepherd dogs. 


Glenn and Miriam

German Shepherd Dog - Shadow
German Shepherd, London

Can’t believe Andi is one year old tomorrow. She fits into our life so perfect it feels like she’s always been with us. She’s a great dog that gets along with everyone so well. 100’s of kids at the school, dogs at the park, the mailman and our old cat Corbin and she’s so nice to them all. A real lover. She’s perfect. Thanx so much.


It has been a wonderful year with darling Shadow and we just wanted to share some pictures with you and some news. He made pet of the month in our local paper in Old Oakville in September ( just in time for his 1st birthday) and constantly gets accolades from the staff at the vet clinic. So much so when he attended for his booster shot today they asked about you so they may recommend you to others looking to add a German Shepherd to their family. We are so grateful and glad we chose you and effectively Shadow. He truly is a gem (albeit sometimes naughty like all pups)!

German Shepherd Dog - Shadow
German Shepherd, London
I just wanted to let you know that London’s doing amazing with our little guy Liam who is now 7.5 months old. He follows him around the house, brings him all of his toys, and tries to get him to hold his bones for him while he chews them. He gets up with me at night to go to Liam when he’s crying and often sleeps by his crib. If he falls, he checks up on him and gives him a big lick on the face. He’s protective of our family and our property. Even when he was only 9 months old when I was walking him a few men were drunk and beginning to harass us. He growled, sensing the threat, and immediately they backed off. Everywhere I take him we get compliments about how well behaved he is, and how he has a very calm demeanor in public places. He’s extremely active when we want him to be. I’ve been working on tracking with him for partridges and he’s doing great with retrieving them. Our agility training is also going well. And here are some pictures of him and our little man. Thanks so much!

Just wanted to drop you a note with a Pics of Our Destiny Zeus. He was 1 Year Young last week and is a healthy 110 lbs. He is a wonderful, loving, handsome young man. And very, very, very confident, fears nothing, a wonderful judge of character, I do love that aspect of him especially living beside a park with lots of people traffic, he only lets us know when he feels uncomfortable. As Jim said, he would love to chase balls, anything that rolls or can be thrown for that matter, and he does, over and over and over again. Thank god for those new ball throwing sticks. The long weekend trail walks this winter have been awesome, oh the poor deer… If you do come across any pics of his brothers or sister we would love to see them.
Rob, Sylvie, RJ, and Melissa

German Shepherd Dog - Zeus
German Shepherd Dog - Nero
I must apologize for not sending the photos of Nero as promised, I decided that I would put them on a drive and come and visit instead of sending them to you. Something happened that stopped me from doing that something that we are still getting over and something that I will never regret doing even though I put my self in jeopardy. At the beginning of March we, Sal, Nero and myself took a trip to Port Bruce something that we do regularly ended up being a day we will never forget. Nero slipped on ice on the pier and fell through the ice, into the channel that was being cleared for the fishing boats, he got caught in the flow of the current and the drift wood and could not get back to the solid ice. As he tried to get onto a piece of driftwood it rolled and he went under, almost under the ice, that is when I decided that if I didn’t go into the water to get him he would not be coming out. So I stripped off, went into the lake, swam to him and swam him to safety. I dragged myself onto the ice then lifted Nero out of the freezing water. Thankfully he is unscathed and doing well, I have attached photos of a trip today to Nero’s favourite walking spot. We would like to stop by and see you both in a couple of weeks if that is okay. We hope that everything is good with you guys, take care.
Robert and Sally

Here is the latest photo of Moose. He is now just 10 months. He has turned into a wonderful dog. He is still everyone’s best friend. He never barks when anyone comes to the door. He just scrambles to cover them in wet kisses.

German Shepherd Dog - Moose
German Shepherd Sasha
Sorry we haven’t been in touch for so long. Sasha is doing great and is the best friend the family could ask for. from the time she was a little over 1yr, Pam was pregnant with our son. Sasha would be up on the sofa with her head on Pam’s belly. I had to find somewhere else to sit. we love her to death and don’t know what we or our son Dalton would do if anything happened to her. Dalton and Sasha rough house like there’s no tomorrow, they really have bonded. if I change his diaper and he crawls away and I go to grab him, she is right there. I have deployed again to Afghanistan from May 2014 till Nov 2014, and I was not worried about them at home with Sasha There looking after them. She loves the snow and the water, so I can’t wait to take them both to the beach this summer. I again apologize for not keeping in touch over such a great purchase of a family member. We have a rough time in our area for barking dogs, and everyone around us wonders what we do to not make here bark. She is a special one as we go to the local dog park and we meet other GSD’s and they are barking up a storm and Sasha looks at them and us “like is this for real???”. Thanks again so much for her, her vet doesn’t believe how white her teeth are at almost age 3, how well mannered she is and her temperament is beyond what most GSD’s she see’s are. Best to you and yours in this New Year.
Charles Leadbetter

Rita & Jim We came to your website to \”check it out\”. Our boy Trooper is Destiny & Zeus\’ son born 1/25/09. He is getting ready to celebrate his 6th Birthday. He is a happy healthy dear member of our family. Best Wishes

Again Congratulations on the birth of Destiny & Molson’s Babies. We LOVE our Trooper so Much and we have recommended Summerview many times. We receive so many compliments about our Gorgeous Baby! Best Wishes

Gary & Jennifer Kent

German Shepherd Trooper
German Shepherd Toronto
I want to thank Rita and Jim at Summerview German Shepherds for Bear (5 month old to date). Since this is my first puppy, I was so thankful that Rita went above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns. Through the entire process the Robinsons were informative, generous with their time, and knowledgeable. They welcomed me to their home to meet my puppies parents, and kept me up to date with the birth of the litter and all the milestones that took place before I was able to take my pup home. Their dogs are well mannered, with wonderful temperaments, and it’s no surprise that my puppy is the same. I am so glad I put my trust in them, because Bear is a wonderful dog. She is clever, gentle, sweet and beautiful. She loves people and dogs alike, and has such a personality. Thank you both, I would highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a loyal healthy and smart dog!
Courtney and Bear

Toronto, Ontario

Hello Rita, Happy New Year! We hope you are doing great. We just wanted to let you know that our dear boy Maverick passed away on November 25, 2014, and we just wanted to thank you again. He brought a tremendous amount of joy in our lives and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He had an amazing temperament and demeanor, so thanks again! We have had an amazing 10 years with him! We are not ready for another fur ball to join us yet, but we would certainly email you when we are. thanks again
Maryjoe, Eric and Eric Jr. Brown

German Shepherd Dog Maverick
German Shepherd Dog Yogi Bear
Its been 9 years today summer produced the best dog we have ever owned. My best friend and buddy to my two children…..thanks for a perfect dog and he is going strong.! ….thanks
Mike Rice

Hi Rita and Jim, We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have many happy memories of our companion Cai. Cai was a fantastic dog, he had everything that we have come to love about the breed, great temperament, great stature, good looking and intelligent, without doubt he was a great family dog. Cai made a huge impression on everyone that met him, the compliments were endless. The loss of Cai to Leptospirosis has been devastating and has left a big void in our lives, even though we will never be able to replace Cai it is time to fill that void. We cannot thank Rita, Jim and everyone involved at Summerview enough for raising such fantastic dogs. Again from the bottom of our hearts Thank You and we eagerly await the arrival of our new puppy. In Loving Memory of Cai (3 May 2012 – 8 November 2013) Regards
Robert and Sally Evans

London, Ontario

German Shepherd London, Ontario
German Shepherd Toronto
German Shepherd Toronto
Dear Jim and Rita: I want to thank you for the most wonderful dog in the world. My last dog passed away many years ago and I have wanted a German Shepherd for a long time, denying myself that privilege until I retired. As this dog is so important in my life, I did not decide on a breeder quickly. You may as well know that I visited eight breeders in total before deciding on Summerview. What I wanted was a breeder that would give my companion her best start in life. You threw your doors open to me allowing me to meet both the sire and the dam. You let me view the premises. When we first met, one litter of pups was ready to go home and you let me handle those puppies and then showed me all your dogs – none of which showed aggression. Jim’s handling of each pup was impressive. He was gentle and caring and before returning each to the pen, he would give it a light kiss. I am certain that when each dog leaves for its respective home, a little piece of you goes with it. I have seen how it must tug at your heart strings. This socialization indicated that my pup was guaranteed the best start in life possible. Storm is now four months old and a pure joy. She is bright and beautiful and others have mentioned how she already appears to be totally devoted to me. At twelve weeks, she surprised me one morning by stepping onto the porch as I opened the door to get my newspaper and beating me to it. She had witnessed this procedure for the past month and knew the routine. Of course, she took it to another room and thought she could paw through it. I convinced her otherwise by taking it and rewarding her with a treat. Not only has she been bringing me the paper every morning since, but she now places it in my hands. She is extremely bright, eager to please, loving and everything I could ever want. I look forward to giving her a brother from Summerview next year because she is living proof that you are the perfect start to a dog’s life. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart,
Elke Moorhead (May 2013)

Hi Rita, Hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since Diesel became part of our family. Here are a couple of pictures of our handsome man for your records. Thanks again for such a smooth delivery and the most important piece that was missing from our family. Sincerely,
Janice, Robert, Melissa, Brandon and Diesels K9 sister Frankie

Yellowknife, NWT

German Shepherd Yellowknife NWT
German Shepherd Torunn
Hi Rita, We really should apologize for not sending a picture of our Torunn earlier. She is a wonderful dog and a loving member of our family; especially important given our two little girls. I just happened to be at our dog park today with her and we ran into another GSD who was not nearly the beauty or wonderfully mannered dog she is. Truly you breed wonderful dogs and should be very proud. On a comical note, she is a whopping 77 pounds now at just over 9 months. But I must say that it is not an issue, except when it comes to “hug” time. She hugs on command and boy there is no mistaking the affection… ha ha ha. Take care and once again, our sincerest thanks,

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