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Meet The German Shepherd Breeders of Summerview

German Shepherd BreedersYou have been searching for the best possible German Shepherd dog, or German Shepherd puppy to join your family, or companion …, or even a working dog. Your search will end with comfort in knowing you need not to look any further. Summerview German Shepherds, as any dog is, a reflection of their owners. Summerview German Shepherds excel in various areas, notably their temperament. As you will see herein, Jim and Rita Robinson, their immediate family, their extended German Shepherd families, and there German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd puppies are second to none. Being responsible, as well as reputable, German Shepherd breeders requires dedication, commitment, knowledge, and most importantly love of the German Shepherd breed. This is the utmost importance in selecting the right breeder of your German Shepherd puppy. This breed historically has many issues health wise regarding its ever evolving existence. Providing you this information is crucial to the development of your puppy, as well as the development of the German Shepherd dog in your home. Rita and Jim continuously strive to provide this to each of their German Shepherd puppies they breed, raise, and provide to German Shepherd families. We, at Summerview German Shepherds, understand the importance of the commitment to the German Shepherd dog in your life. We strive to provide the best information as well as the best tips, tricks, and health information to each of our extended German Shepherd families. This German Shepherd dog web site, Summerview German Shepherds, is just another extension of this commitment, as well as our commitment to the love of the German Shepherd breed, and to you the owners. We invite you to review other sites, as well as other German Shepherd breeders, our German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd puppies speak volumes for themselves, and our commitment. Look no further. Now meet Rita and Jim Robinson ….

Rita Robinson

Rita is a wonderful, family oriented woman that takes pride in her work, her family, and of course her brood of dogs that make up Summerview German Shepherds. When not preoccupied with family, friends and puppies, Rita is an avid shopper that looks for things to purchase for her house. When not shopping, she loves to barbecue with family and friends. It there was a picture and description to describe Rita Robinson in the dictionary or encyclopedia it would say ” … loving, down to earth woman…

Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson is Summerview German Shepherd’s behind the scenes guy. When you come to get your puppy you will see Jim actively attending to the needs of the dogs when Rita is preoccupied. Reserved, always smiling, very hard working and dedicated to what matters to him most … his family, his job, and the dogs of course. Jim has an avid interest in old cars, and you might hear a story or two about some of his accomplishments with his passion. Jim’s other interest outside his immediate love for family, friends, and the dogs are the Toronto Blue Jays … especially if they aren’t playing too bad.

Our Philosophy

Producing 2-3 GSD German Shepherd litters a year, and home raising the German Shepherd puppies, rather then in a kennel environment would hopefully strengthen the German Shepherd's breed standards in ensuring better socialized German Shepherd dogs. This philosophy is reflected in their German Shepherd puppies, as they are very loving, caring, and well behaved dogs. Summerview's Rita and Jim Robinson are active members in the C.K.C., as reputable, reliable, and passionate German Shepherd breeders in Ontario Canada.

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