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Summerview German Shepherd Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below reflect only some of our clients inquiries as to what we do. We will answer any and all questions you may have as to dog behavior or training questions. We will try to respond to answers as quickly as we can. If you can’t find the question or answers you may have in mind, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email! We would love to hear from you! All questions will be handled in the order that we receive them.

Which gender is better MALE or FEMALE in a German Shepherd?
Either the male or the female make great companions. It’s just the preference of the owner as to which gender you prefer. There are subtle differences in the gender which you can read under our “Breed Characteristics”.
How big is my Summerview German Shepherd puppy going to get?
One of our females, will typically weigh between 60-70 lbs and will be a little smaller then one of our males…..which usually weigh, 75-80 lbs.
Do you know or could recommend a veterinarian for my Summerview German Shepherd puppy?

My dogs and puppies are all cared for by the Acton Veterinary Clinic in Acton, ON, Dr.’s Hess and Hyrinkiw and the staff are the best place to take your Summerview German Shepherd. You will not find a better clinic for hundreds of kilometers around.

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When does my Summerview German Shepherd puppy need his second shots?

Usually around 4-6 weeks after their 1st set of shots Call your Vet or the Acton Veterinary Clinic and they will set an appointment up to have it done. Again for cost as well as great Vets we highly recommend them!

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Will my black Summerview German Shepherd puppy stay black or will they tan as they age?
Summerview German Shepherd’s pure black puppies stay totally black throughout their lifetime. There should be no worries on your part of your pure black ever changing colors at anytime in his life.
Will I have to worry about my Summerview German Shepherd's hips and elbows as they age?
All of Summerview German Shepherd’s parents have been all x-rayed and certified for hip and elbow. The Kennel that I bought my adults from has been in business for over 20 years. They have not had any problems in their bloodline, and Summerview has had many litters over a 9 year period and has never have had any health issues with any of our puppies.
Is it hard to house train my Summerview German Shepherd puppy?
I find that crate training a puppy is the easiest way. Feed your puppy 3 times a day, do not leave food out after the puppy has had his/her fill, after the puppy is finished eating, take him/her outdoors, and usually 15-20 mins later the puppy will go. Before you go to bed at night…..take your puppy outdoors, wait till he/she is done, bring her/him in and bed her/him down in his crate for the night. When you awake in AM take the puppy from the crate and take him/her straight outdoors. ALWAYS make sure you praise your puppy she/he loves to know they have done a good thing.
Do you recommend puppy training for my Summerview German Shepherd? If so whom?

I think puppy school is the best thing for you and your puppy. It teaches your puppy and also socializes your puppy with other dogs and owners. We can recommend the Canine Academy in Moffat, ON.

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At what age do you recommend getting my Summerview German Shepherd spayed or neutered?

When you go for your appointment with the Vet, ask him about when is the best time to have it done. He will tell you when and go over the procedure with you. We highly recommend the Acton Veterinary Clinic in Acton, ON. These guys are the BEST!

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When will I receive my Summerview German Shepherd's registration or C.K.C. papers?
It usually takes a few months from purchase date of the puppy (when you take your puppy home), and I will send for them as soon as possible and contact you when they arrive at Summerview. Please be patient as we have no control of when we receive them back from the C.K.C.

More Questions?

We hope this website will answer all your questions about our German Shepherd dogs and puppies. If you’d like to know anything else, you can call us at (905) 749-4500. Or feel free to submit your inquiry via our contact form.

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