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GSD German Shepherd German Voice Commands

The following are just some commands to help you control your German Shepherd with German related words.  As with other areas of Summerview German Shepherds, we will be updating this with other useful day to day commands.  The wording in parentheses is articulation of the German word.   W’s are pronounced as V’s. 


Attack Fass
Bring Bring  (Brrring)
Come Komm
Down Platz
Eat food Nimm Futter
Go on Voraus
Go outside Helyedre
Get him Packen
Get in Geh rein
Go ahead Geh weiter
Go on Voran
Good Boy Guter Braver
Good Girl Gutes Fraulein
Heel Fuss (Fooss)
Here Hier
Hunt Revere
Kennel Zwinger
Over Hopp
No Nein
Stop that Aus (Ows)
Shame Pfui (Fooey)
Sit Sitz
Speak Gib Laut (Geblout)
Stand Steh (Shtay)
Track Such (Suuk)
Water Wasser

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