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German Shepherd Health Issues

Summerview German Shepherds - Acton, Ontario

We are expanding our German Shepherd dog and German Shepherd puppy information every now and then as we collect more information from our German Shepherd extended families, health research, OFA information we do on our dogs, pedigree research, and much more.   As we collect the German Shepherd information we post what we have learned, experienced, and are preventing, or eliminating in further breeding here at Summerview German Shepherds.  This portion of our site we are expanding continuously.  If you are a client we have special forms, and information pamphlets available for download so you can have this information readily available.

Our German Shepherd and dogs have most of the health issues associated with the German Shepherd breed eliminated.  Genetics are an important aspect in the breeding of German Shepeherd dogs, to build upon and pass to each of our Summerview German Shepherd puppies.   Diseases such as Lyme, and Lepto are hard to eliminate, but they are preventative if you research where you live, and research vaccinations, and recommendations from your local veterinarian.   We encourage you to review what we have discovered in our Health Issues section.

Below are some quick links to areas we think are important for you and your Summerview German Shepherd puppy’s health! :

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